CNC Routing

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CNC Routing.

Using our state of the art CNC Router, we can offer large sheet size cutting services to our clients. We can cut parts up to the full length of the bed (3000x1800mm) with accuracies down to 0.1mm in most cases.

We can machine most non ferrous metals, including aluminum. Of course all engineering plastics and woods. We regularly copy & modify Aircraft instrument panels ( A/C grade AL) using our probing system which can copy external/internal profiles and hole locations.

We can cut full sheets up to 50mm Thick in Acrylic, wood, foam, ACM, we also have facilities for jigging and part production.

Our MultiCam CNC Router features a 10 tool auto tool changer so that we can process your jobs more efficiently. We also have an Oscillating knife tool available, which allows us to neatly cut most types of standard foams for packaging, corflute and other soft substrates.

Be it simple signage to a multi depth panels & 3D Parts our machines and operators are able to get the job done on time and accurately.

We also have in our possession a modular CNC Router which if the customers budget allows, is adaptable to suit most larger sheet sizes. It is currently configured to run 2440×1220 sheets, but this can be extended to 3000-4000mm x 2000mm if required.

Our Multicam SR3018Vi, equipped with camera registration alignment, 10 Tool ATC, Oscillating Knife and a full 3×1.8m Vacuum Table.