Four wheel driving can be fun, but it can also break stuff. 

“I wasn’t even driving hard!” Were the words spoken by this unlucky chap. Apparently only turning corner at low speed ( Luckily ), the idler arm had completely snapped off at the pivot point.

IMAG0325 The cause, was quickly determined to be some incorrect adjustment by a wheel aligner. As the wheels were turned, and the vehicle articulated, the arm of the idler was continually rubbing and hitting part of the chassis. IMAG0327 Yep, certainly looks like the culprit! Looks like its been working the metal for some time. Notice the corrosion on the edges ? Appears to have been working back and forward in one direction for quite some time.


Off to the workshop to plan a fix!

Another second hand arm was purchased to replace the snapped arm, but this one had worn bushes! Well, I have a fix for that! Brass 🙂

IMAG0369 (1) IMAG0367 (1)

Turned to give us a nice H7/h6 fit, there was NO movement into shaft where it shouldn’t. I forgot to take a picture of the completed project, but we also added one of these to the top and bottom of the idler, as well as added a grease nipple to enable servicing at regular periods.