One time we were out and about on the river, some guys we were staying with were experiencing some difficulties with charging their battery via a DC DC Charger. For some reason we were unable to get a proper charge into the battery, and on closer inspection we found that the supply wire, while being plenty sufficient in size, was hot! 

This led to some further investigations, pulling out the DC Clamp meter to check some amperage’s we found that this wire was pulling nearly 28A through it! Just a tad high for it not actually doing any work. Turns out the dodgy little crimp lug had worked itself loose!

As you can see from the photo here, its just a cheap crimp that looks like it was impulse/pressure crimped. None the less, it was loose and was creating a choke point.

Dodgy Crimp


Hence why its now chopped off!

On with the new :

New crimp

Now that this crimp is installed and crimped correctly, we felt comfortable in reconnecting it to the vehicle. ( Would’ve loved to have installed some heat shrink but didn’t have any on board 🙁 ) IMAG0309

(What a mess….)


As you can see, there is a CTEK 250 installed here, great little unit, a little pricey, but gets the job done. Has the added benefit of connecting a solar panel directly to the unit.

Once connected the system worked as expected, our amp draw now reduced and no more hot wires. ( I wonder how long it had been like that!) Luckily here, the wire size was adequate to take the constant current load,  I can only imagine what could of occurred if it wasn’t.

On this occasion we had on board our interchangeable jaw Narva crimping tool. We purchased it through our good friends at Modbury Auto Pro.

Please make sure your wire selection and crimps are quality, we’d hate to see your car in flames because of poor quality work and equipment. Do it right the first time!